Solar Nails

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Solar Nails

Solar Nails | Pro Nails & Spa - Norman, OK

Pro Nails & Spa is the premier source for solar nails in Norman. See the difference in your nails for this unique type of acrylic nail. Solar nail combines acrylic nails and dual-toned French manicure looks.

Originally termed after a specific Creative Nail Design brand, solar nails are most commonly referred to as the blend of pink and white acrylics combined with French manicure featuring dual-toned looks.

Here are some of the essential points you need to know about solar nails:

• Nail Appearance and Style—Solar nails are similarly designed with the French manicure finish. This type showcases a natural and simple look compared to acrylic extensions which has bulky or thick tips. Solar nails have a glossier appearance compared to other artificial nail types.

• Nail Touch-Up and Filling—This type of nails don't need tips and require filling approximately every three weeks while those who are more careful and gentle on their solar nails could extend the filling up to four weeks. Giving proper and timely fillings could prevent any damages to the nails.

• Durable Nails—Durability is just one of the many upsides of a solar nail treatment as it can withstand even the most demanding conditions. It's also more sophisticated and natural-looking.

• Application and Removal—Solar nails are easy to apply and to remove, especially with services from our seasoned nail technicians who use upgraded technologies and techniques.

Pro Nails & Spa offers new, natural, and unique looks for your nails. Our solar nail collection promises the chicest nail trend today. Schedule your next nail treatment with us.

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